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Home can be the most valuable investment that you ever did and, certainly, it is your most cherished asset, it says who you are and gives the desired comfort both to you, and your family.

The destructive potential of the natural phenomena that can affect the area where you live, but especially the risk with a higher frequency of occurence such as fire, explosion, theft, involve more attention in choosing the proper insurance, which must be adapted to your needs protection.


VIVA CASA is the first household insurance that offers ALL RISKS protection.

In addition, it comes with Home Assistance.


The complex household insurance that allows choosing the necessary risks for the right protection of your home and goods. Optionally you can choose the third party liability insurance and protection against accidents.


Protection by packages covering both risks including the catastrophic ones (earthquakes, floods, landslides) and high-frequency risks such as: fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft, atmospheric phenomena or theft.


GARANT AMPLUS provides a default insurance plan and you choose the amount you want to insure your home and belongings. In addition, it includes third party liability and technical Home assistance.


The compulsory home insurance is the basis for building the proper home protection along with optional insurance.